System and Network Monitoring with Nagios / Icinga

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The best open source software Nagios has established itself as the monitoring system for many years. Its flexibility and extensibility, have performed together with many additional tools to a large distribution. With Nagios Nagios has received a successful Fork, which is characterized by a significantly more dynamic development. The latest Icinga version is fully compatible with Nagios, upcoming versions there will be a compatibility mode. Icinga only supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle databases.

Target group

Administrators who want to monitor the availability of their network services with Icinga or Nagios.

Prior knowledge

Good and safe knowledge of Linux, including safety in dealing with a common editor is a prerequisite for this training. Participants must also have good network knowledge.


5 days


Monday, 07.03. to Friday 11.03.2016
Monday, 27.06. to Friday 01.07.2016
Monday, 19.09. to Friday 23.09.2016
Monday, 12.12. to Friday 16.12.2016


The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Concept and architecture
  • Installation and Basic Configuration
  • The web front end
  • Templates
  • Configuration of computers and computer groups
  • Monitoring of network services
  • Monitoring of local resources
  • Monitoring of local resources on remote computers with check_by_ssh Nagios
  • Remote Plugin Executor (NRPE)
  • Monitoring via SNMP
  • Notifications and escalations
  • Monitoring of Windows machines
  • Event handler
  • Nagios Service Check Adaptor (NSCA)
  • Distributed Monitoring
  • Graphical configuration with NagiosQL Icinga Web Frontend as an alternative view of Icinga 2.0

Price: 1990 - . €


  • The relevant training in a fully equipped training room with a physical computer and possibly more virtual machines for each participant.
  • Training materials
  • Meals during the training
  • Use of the wireless in the classroom

Not included:

Arrival and Hotel




For questions about dates, venues or requests, please contact us directly.


Phone: +49 89 4523538-0