Puppet for System Administrators and DevOps Developers

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For larger system environments centralized management is essential. To manage configuration files with Puppet provides a versatile and easy to use way to. It is defined at a central location, such a system should look like. Puppet will take care to ensure that the required packages are installed, and the corresponding configuration files are distributed.

This course provides the necessary skills for planning, installation and administration of a Puppet infrastructure.

Target group

System administrators, IT managers and DevOps developers.

Prior knowledge

Good and secure knowledge of Linux is required.


3 days


Monday, 02.05. to Wednesday 04.05.2016 
Monday, 27.06. to Wednesday 29.06.2016
Monday, 08.08. to Wednesday 10.08.2016
Wednesday, 05.10. to  Friday 07.10.2016 
Monday, 28.11. to Wednesday 30.11.2016


The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Installation and basic configuration of the Puppet Master
  • Installation and basic configuration of Puppet Agents
  • Resources and dependencies
  • The Puppet manifest
  • Classes and Modules
  • Templates
  • Evaluating System Information with Facter
  • Error Analysis
  • Puppet Language : Best Practices
  • Tags and Environments
  • Reporting / Puppet Dashboard


Price: 1490 - . €


  • The relevant training in a fully equipped training room with a physical computer and possibly more virtual machines for each participant
  • Training materials
  • Meals during the training
  • Use of the wireless in the classroom

Not included:

Arrival and Hotel




For questions about dates, venues or requests, please contact us directly.


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