Linux Container: Docker


Linux Containers are currently one of the most exciting topics in IT. Instead of providing a complete operating system, in the form of a virtual machine, for the virtualization of a single application you can use a Docker Container. Such a Container needs only the components required for the operation of the given application.

Container Images can be easily transferred to other servers and run there. Due to low overhead, the performance is higher than that of a virtual machine.

Docker is available as a container solution for Red Hat Enterprise 7 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12. In this training we use Red Hat Enterprise 7.

Target Group

Administrators and developers that want to learn how to successfully use the next generation of virtualization.


Good and secure knowledge of Linux is required.


3 Days


Monday, 04.04. to Wednesday 06.04.2016
Monday, 13.06. to Wednesday 15.06.2016
Monday, 08.08. to Wednesday 10.08.2016
Wednesday, 05.10. to Friday 07.10.2016
Monday, 14.11. to Wednesday 16.11.2016


The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Basics
  • Container vs. Virtualization
  • Installation
  • Docker Registry
  • Working with Containers
  • Creating Images
  • Management of Containers 
  • Logging in Containers
  • Updating Images
  • Backup
  • Management with Kubernetes


Price: 1490 - . €


  • The relevant training in a fully equipped training room with a physical computer and possibly more virtual machines for each participant
  • Training materials
  • Meals during the training
  • Use of the wireless in the classroom

Not included:

Arrival and Hotel




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