Desktop Virtualization

The ATIX AG offers you the classic server virtualization cluster as well as the possibility of desktop virtualization.

Desktop Virtualization means to host complete desktop environments as virtual desktops on servers in a data center. Users connect either via cost-effective thin clients or PCs with these virtual desktops. The result is a high utilization of the used server hardware, with simultaneous savings in the used desktop hardware.


Outstanding user convenience: Multimedia capabilities provide users with all the possibilities they know from their desktops.

Cross-platform support: Because virtual Windows and Linux desktops are supported, the user always has the right desktop for each pending task at his disposal.

Open Source Technology: The open-source basis means a new level of choice and freedom of desktop virtualization.

Data security and compliance requirements: A hosted architecture enables businesses to protect their data better and to keep pace with the rapidly changing conditions in the IT environment.

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