Documentation takes on an important role in the IT services, especially for open source projects. Without conscientious documentation both knowledge as well as precious time can be lost. Many projects, such as sensible standardization, are not or very difficult to implement without the proper documentation. A lack of knowledge among the staff, or the dependency on a single person can very easily lead to delays. The documentation should be prepared on site and updated regularly. Changes or interventions on the installation on-site must automaticaly result in an update of the documentation. With careful documentation you always have the latest / correct level of inventory / licenses / installation at hand.

To ensure the effective documentation of ones own projects, the proper tools are required, such as the right software and clear process structures. The ATIX Consultants, with their wealth of experience are at your disposal to advise you in both the selection of the appropriate software for your requirements as well as the development of process structures.

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