Configuration Management

One of the best ways to reduce operating costs in a data center is a first-class configuration management.

Configuration management deals with issues which today often decide whether an IT department is running smoothly, or whether the employee must primarily take care of fixes. What updates have to be distributed on wich server, when and how? Today the economic risk posed by a failure or incorrect modification of an element on the vital IT systems of a company increases more and more.

Poorly planned, manually executed and uncontrolled changes to the IT infrastructure are the cause of over two-thirds of all disruptions of IT services. Although the fault elimination can usually be substantially optimized, it is even better to avoid disruptions at all. When was the last time an IT service was down for a technical reason - and not because of a reckless or incorrect change was made ?

We support you in the implementation of a highly automated configuration management. This will avoid accidents due to uncontrolled changes to the IT infrastructure, you have a detailed documentation of the configuration and control of changes to the infrastructure .

Advantages of Configuration management

  • Improved fault processing
  • process standardization
  • effort reduction
  • service transparency

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