The ATIX 5 Phases of Consulting

In order to provide our customers with the best possible service, we have successfully been using the 5 phase model for several years. At every stage of a project our clients are directly involved in order to ensure an open communication.

The 5 ATIX project phases

1 Phase, the design phase

  • Kick off meeting with all the relevant contacts in the departments
  • Short interviews in the departments
  • Evaluation of the results (possible clarification of any questions)
  • Establishing the written rough draft in the form of a concept paper with reviews and recommendations for solutions in three scenarios
  • Feedback by the customers (if any adjustments)
  • 1 days workshop and subsequent Managemen presentation of results on the ground

2 The Proof of Concept

  • Proof of concept (PoC ) the technical implementation of small-scale
    • Know-how transfer
    • Workshop
  • Confirmation and acceptance by the customer

3 The test phase

  • ATIX tests
  • Testing by the customer
  • Acceptance of the solution by the customer

4 The rollout phase

  • Rollout of the solution to all systems
  • Tests ATIX and the customer
  • Final acceptance

5 productive phase

  • Transition into Productive and Regular operation
  • Release into ATIX Support
  • Transfer of documentation