SUSE Manager

SUSE Manager is an easy-to-manage system management platform for SUSE and Red Hat Linux based infrastructures. Whether a few or thousands of systems. SUSE Manager provides a single centralized interface to control the complete lifecycle of your server and / or desktop infrastructure.

Inventory & Auditing - Monitoring - installation of updates & patches - Computer Group Management - Configuration Management - Bare Metal Deployment - local mirroring the SUSE / RHN Channels - your own Channels - your own software packages - your own release versions ...

with the SUSE Manager ... no problem!

The SUSE Manager is based on the open source management platform Spacewalk, but offers a much simpler integration with popular Linux Enterprise Infrastructures:

  • A console for all kinds of systems ( physical, virtual, mainframe , desktop , ...)
  • Based out-of -the-box operational for CentOS / yum channel distributions
  • Out-of -the-box operational for Red Hat RHN Channels
  • Out-of -the-box operational for SUSE/ Novell softare Center Channels
  • Out-of -the-box operational for SUSE-based clients

For our customers, we have realized managed infrastructures with SuSE Manager for many years. Whether you want to manage only a few or several hundreds of systems, the SuSE Manager is there to help!

The ATIX offers you an all-inclusive package of consulting, support and training on the subject of SUSE and SUSE Manager from one source.

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