Puppet is a tool for the automated management of configurations.

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At a central location is defined what a system should look like, then Puppet will see to it that the necessary packages are installed and the corresponding configuration files are distributed. From the client perspective, this can can be done either manually (eg by a cron job) or automatically by a daemon. Typically, it is checked every 30 minutes whether the systems meet the requirements.

The communication between client and server is a private, safeguarded by SSL, protocol.

Advantages and Features

  • Easy configuration by writing the desired target state of a system.
  • Modular design of the configuration.
  • By using templates flexible handling of the configuration.
  • Many other modules for different applications are available on Puppet Forge.
  • Additional modules can be developed in the Ruby programming language.

Many ATIX customers rely on Puppet for centralized management of the configurations of their systems. For many years, we have realized successful projects for our clients with Puppet. The ATIX AG also offers its customers services in the areas of consulting, support and training around Puppet.

Contact us! The experts of ATIX advise you about the possibilities of Puppet in your company. You can reach us by e -mail at or by phone at +49 89 4523538-0.