With the help of Pulp the administration of software repositoriesreaches a professional level.

New repositories can easily be created and filled with content. The control of the "Consumer" called client happens over a central tool. It enables the logging on and off of consumers at various repositories, as well as installing or removing software on the clients. In addition to this control tool Pulp can also be controlled via a REST API.

Benefits and Features:

  • Centralized rolling out software on many consumers simultaneously
  • Easily deploy your own repositories
  • Centralized Logging on and off of consumers at various repositories
  • Compatibility with traditional http-based RPM repositories
  • Central overview of the packages installed on different clients
  • Deploying Puppet modules

Pulp can greatly simplify and speed up daily odd jobs in the area of software management and support the configuration management.

ATIX can advise you on how to manage your IT infrastructure easier with the help of Pulp. You can reach us at by phone +49 89 4523538-0 or by Email at .