Docker is an open source software that can be used on Linux operating systems to isolate applications using so-called containers. Such a Docker container holds all the necessary packages and files to utilizea fully executable application and easily transport it.

In recent years virtualization technologies have completely changed the working environment in the data center. By virtualizing systems, the cost of the necessary hardware could be limited and the use of available resources could be greatly improved. Unfortunately virtualization has certain limitations. Although virtualization is trying to make very clever use of the virtual RAM, CPU and storage, there is an unavoidable overhead. This can very quickly lead to the individual virtual machine hogging resources without actually doing anything.

Through the use of Docker, the virtualization and operating system layer can be ideally, completely replaced. This automatically leads to a more efficient use of resources as well as significantly lower costs for the operating systems and the administration. Docker does not virtualize a complete machine but runs the individual applications in hermetically sealed off environments. All containers that run on a server, only share the kernel process. In the container programs such as databases or web servers run independently. That means, programs and processes can run simultaneusly on the same system, strictly separated from each other, while sharing the available ressources instead of hogging them.

The advantages of Docker:

  • Efficient use of available resources
  • Performance gain of applications
  • Minimizing administration
  • Reduction of licensing costs
  • Simplification of the IT infrastructure
  • Simplifcation of the backup concept
  • Portability of applications

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