Atlassian Stash

Git repository management your way

On-premises source code management for Git that's secure, fast, and enterprise grade. Create and manage repositories, set up fine-grained permissions, and collaborate on code – all with the flexibility of your servers.

Stash's interface makes administration and management tasks a breeze. Stash supports your growing Git repositories within the safety of your firewall.

Add users and groups, and delegate fine-grained permissions right from the UI. Create and manage repositories with Stash's project structure. And stay up to date with all your team's branches with the branch listing page – all in a matter of seconds.

Stop fretting over the small stuff, and spend time being a developer. Now, the once-tedious aspects of coding are a thing of the past.

Atlassian tools integrate better than ever, with best practices baked right in to guide you through the development flow. They work together to get you from issue creation to coding to merging effortlessly. For a fully integrated dev workflow solution, check out Git Essentials.

Bump up your code quality with regular code reviews. Stash offers lightweight code review via pull requests, which encourage peer review and gets teams talking about their code.

Commenting on code in line (and in context) prompts contributors to review their work and make changes. If changes are made while a pull request is still open, Stash will recognize that and alert reviewers. More collaboration means better code quality!

Stash supports your growing Git repositories behind the safety of your firewall, running on your servers. Stash isn't a pre-packaged application that's hard to customize. Built with infrastructure flexibility needs in mind, administrators have full control over how Stash fits into their environment, including database, operating system, and authentication.