Open Source

Open Source is the future for data centers.

Open Source LogoWe are not alone in this opinion: various studies show the everlasting upward trend and the rapid catch-up race of Open Source compared  to proprietary systems, mostly notably in data centers.

It is no wonder, because there are many reasons for Open Source:

  • Cost reduction
  • Open system
  • High flexibility
  • High data security
  • Fast bug fixing

All ATIX software products are subject to the General Public License 3 (often shortened  to GPL, GGPL or also GNU GPL), which is a published license with copyleft for the licensing of free software by the Free Software Foundation.

The word “free” gives you the right to use the software with the four given freedoms:

  1. The program may be used without any constriction for every purpose. Commercial use is explicitly permitted.
  2. Copies of the program may be distributed free of charge or with charge, but the source code has to be part of it or the receiver of the program receive it on request for the net cost price. The receiver must have the same freedoms if somebody gets a copy with a charge then that person has still the right to distribute with or without a charge. License fees are not permitted. Nobody is obliged to distribute copies, neither publicly nor to a certain person but if somebody does, then only under these rules.
  3. The operating method of the software may be studied and adapted to individual needs.
  4. Also the program versions changed in accordance with freedom 2 can be distributed under the rules of freedom 1, whereupon the software receiver receives access to the changed version of the source code. Changed version do not have to be published, but if they are, then only under the rules of freedom 1.

We live Open Source.

In this spirit
Feel free – use Linux