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Thomas Merz (CEO)

Thomas Merz (CEO)

Thomas Merz is Head of Finance and Support at ATIX AG. He was born in 1975 and founded his first company in the field of telephony and data communication in his early twenties. He studied electrical engineering and information technology at the Technical University of Munich, he wrote his diploma thesis in the field of centralized management of distributed structures. In the following years he worked as Managing Director of ATIX GmbH, and since 2007, as CEO of ATIX AG.

Early on, he discovered, to the chagrin of his parents, his passion for all things that ring, beep and transmits and was in the early 1990s, probably one of the few young people with their own mobile phone, Internet access and email address. Although his main focus is in the area of web-based infrastructures and their management today,  for a change, and to the chagrin of the employees in his " spare time" he takes care of the telecommunications infrastructure of ATIX AG.

"The majority of Society considers ubiquitous means of communication now without question as a matter of course. What is technically feasible and as simple as possible to use finds its users. The knowledge of the technical aspects, dependencies and ways behind them and the derivable dangers are probably one of the most important and most exciting IT issues in the coming years."

 Thomas Merz