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Mark Hlawatschek (Head of Consulting)

Mark Hlawatschek (Head of Consulting)

As Head of Consulting Mark Hlawatschek is responsible for the areas of IT Consulting and Engineering at ATIX. He is born in 1975 and studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich. As early as 1995 he founded the company, out of witch ATIX Information Technology and Consulting AG emerged in 2007. Through projects such as the development of the reference architecture for high-availability SAP installations on Linux, he helped to herald in the triumph of Enterprise Linux infrastructures. Today he is driving the standardization and automation of the infrastructure and the operation of secure virtual data centers ever further ahead.

"The development of the IT infrastructure is one of the most impressive issues of our time. The industrial revolution in the field of construction and operation of IT landscapes has only just begun. Here we can learn from the experience in other sectors and rely on open standards and interfaces. I also see the field of security and ownership of data as an exciting challenge for the future."

Mark Hlawatschek