Once there were three students who founded the company ATIX.

In 1995, the three friends expanded the knowledge they had acquired about computers during their studies by working in their parents’ basements, the temporary place of business. To finance their education, the three offered their services in the area of IT Networks.

ATIX Logo 1

Soon small and medium-sized enterprises became aware of their skills and the first projects designing and implementing complex computer networks were conducted and their sustenance assured. The move out of the basement was preprogrammed.

At the end of their college days, the three founders decided to pursue the ATIX GbR project full time. The ATIX GmbH was founded. The first Employees were hired and the professionalization of the company advanced rapidly. The Key to the success was the early strategic focus on Linux and Open Source in the data center. This has been the engine of growth for the company since 2005. 

2007 saw the establishement of the ATIX AG. The company grew and additional staff was recruited to keep pace with the growing demand. 

In 2007 ATIX defines, in collaboration with Red Hat and SAP, the worldwide standard for high-available SAP on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

2009 ATIX has 10 employees.

ATIX Logo 2

2010 ATIX now manages some of the largest SAP installations on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 

ATIX Logo 3

2011 ATIX becomes the specialist for Linux and Open Source in the German-speaking world.

2012 ATIX welcomes the 20 employee.

2013 ATIX AG combines its expertise in three business areas: consulting, engineering and support.

2014 ATIX inaugurates the ATIX Trainings Center at the companys headquarter in Unterschleißheim. The number of employees grows to 30 

2015: ATIX organized the first SOE Conference and scores with the subject Standard Operating Environment. The planning for the SOE Conference 2016 are already underway.

ATIX - The Linux & Open Source Company - Become a part of our history …

To be continued ...